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Hexagon Lighting

Hexagon Lighting

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Our Hexagon Modular Garage Lighting System 

Show off your garage in a unique, eye-catching way with our hexagon lighting system. Utilising an easy to install, plug and play system we have various size grids in stock ready to dispatch from our UK warehouse. 

Both smart looking and practical, our hexagon lighting system is a great way to transform your garage or workshop in a matter of hours.

This is the quality clip together design system so each section doesn’t need to be wired together very Quick & Easy installation process with included fixings.   

Brilliant 6500K White Light 

110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating

5 Years Warranty 

60,000 Hours Working Lifespan! 

Can be screwed directly into the ceiling or suspended if required. This is the premium lightweight system so nice and easy to install. 

These are all made up from the premium quality led tubes and connectors the real thing not cheap copies. 

Other size packs and bespoke orders also available on request please email or call us for more information. 


Please see below for details on each standard grid:

  • 1 Hexagon System - 965mm by 830mm system comprising of 1 x Hexagon. 
  • 5 Hexagon System - 2375mm by 1645mm system comprising of 5 x 900mm wide hexagon shaped lights.
  • 8 Hexagon System - 2375mm by 2470mm system comprising of 8 x 900mm wide hexagon shape lights.
  • 11 Hexagon System - 3360mm by 2375mm system comprising of 11 x 900mm wide hexagon shape lights.  
  • 14 Hexagon System - This pack is designed to fit in a single garage. This pack will consist of 14 small 900mm wide hexagon shaped lights . Which make up a size of 2375mm wide by 4115mm.
  • 15 Hexagon System - This pack comprises of 15 small 900mm wide hexagon shaped lights + one rectangular border which make up a total size of 2400mm x 4800mm  
  • 18 Hexagon System - 3360mm by 3760mm system comprising of 18 x 900mm wide hexagon shape lights.  
  • 25 Hexagon System - 4115mm x 3760mm system comprising of 25 x 900mm wide hexagon shape lights.
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